Jewel Cleaning Services – Safe Practice and Requirements-COVID 19 POLICY 2020

Current opinion varies on how long Covid 19 can survive on a hard surface, but all known evidence suggests that 7 days is an absolute maximum on certain surfaces, such as stainless steel and glass.

Therefore we have introduced our Health and Safety Protocol for ALL buildings.

As part of the regular kit, alongside our cloths, products and equipment ALL cleaners will be provided with the following:

  • Medical grade face masks
  • Face visors
  • A selection of gloves appropriate to the job
  • Hand sanitiser in 50ml dispenser will remain in the possession of each cleaner and not shared

All items are kept in bulk at Head Office and all staff are responsible for keeping their own supply topped up as often as required.

Team Management:

Management will perform a Risk Assessment for all buildings, both domestic and commercial, and will allocate teams or lone cleaners as appropriate.

  • The team will arrive at a designated time and will have their own product and cloth kits to work from.
  • The cleaners endeavour to avoid working in the same room.

Extra precautions for your property:

  • Entry through external doors – The cleaners must wear vinyl gloves to touch all hard surfaces. This includes doors to the exterior of the building, any buzzers or alarm buttons and the entry door to the property itself.
  • Cleaners will clean using the same ’Jewel Cleaning’ safe practice and equipment as prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, maintaining our strict COSHH rules.
  • The use of gloves in ALL AREAS is mandatory. Extra PPE such as masks will be worn at all times
  • On exiting the building, cleaners will spray and wipe ( with’Anti Bacterial Spray’ and a dry cloth) all light switches, door frames, and door handles. This includes any intercom or alarm systems and external doors.
  • All ‘kit’ boxes including spray bottles, vacuum cleaner pipes, hose and foot, and mop will be sprayed with ‘Anti bacterial’ spray and wiped with a clean cloth after each property.
  • The face mask will be discarded after each clean.
  • Gloves will be changed periodically throughout each clean and discarded with after each client.


Jewel Cleaning can continue to work inside people’s homes with latest Government guidelines as we are a COVID safe company. Thank you for you continued support

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