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However carefully you treat your carpets, over time they inevitably become soiled and start to look a little tired. Areas of high traffic are particularly at risk, and carpets naturally attract dirt, dust and germs.

The easiest way to keep your carpets looking, smelling and feeling great is to clean them regularly. But what does “regularly” mean? How often should carpet be cleaned? Well, some of it depends on your circumstances. Some questions to consider when determining how often you should clean your carpets include:

  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Does anyone in the household smoke indoors?
  • How heavy is foot traffic in each carpeted area?

A good general rule for the average household is to vacuum twice a week, and have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

For high-traffic households with pets, children, or smokers, we recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.

Jewel Cleaning Services offer a carpet cleaning service using a Professional Grade machine and all our staff are trained in it’s use. Our ‘Green Tick’ products ensure a high quality result, without being harmful to the environment.

You can book us for carpet cleaning only, or as part of a package with regular, or deep cleaning (including ‘one off’ or ‘End of Tenancy’ cleaning)

Our pricing for carpet cleaning is stated below, and includes moving of any furniture (as possible and within Jewel Cleaning Services Health and Safety Policy Guidelines for Lifting and Handling)

Item Price (furnished room) Price (unfurnished room)
1 flight of stairs + landing £30 + VAT £30 + VAT
Dining room £25+ VAT £20+ VAT
Lounge £30 + VAT £25 + VAT
Double bedroom £25 + VAT £20 + VAT
Single bedroom £20 + VAT £15 + VAT

When requesting carpet cleaning without domestic cleaning, please note that our minimum booking is £45 + vat

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