The Environment & Jewel Cleaning

Jewel Cleaning and the Environment

 ‘Jewel Cleaning’ are committed to helping the environment and we endeavour to uphold this by using high quality products that use little or no water and come in recyclable packaging. The products we use have been analysed and assessed using the following criteria:

– Raw materials used

– Risk of release to the environment

– Environmental hazard classification

– Impact of water used in product

– Impact of usage

– pH balance

– Impact of energy used in manufacture and production

All of our products have been awarded a ‘Green Tick’. This means that they have a low impact on the environment and are classed as environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


We are happy to explain further at initial assessment should you wish.


W.E.I.R. Impact on the environment green tick

We don’t need a vast amount of products in our tool kits as the ones we use are highly effective at getting the best job done!

Here are our ‘Green Tick’ products…….

  • Multi-Purpose cleaner- This is used for wiping all areas in your home
  • Heavy Duty degreaser – mainly used in Kitchens on things such as worktops, extractor fans, hobs and ovens.
  • Everyday toilet cleaner – A neutral perfumed toilet cleaner for every day routine toilet cleaning
  • Descaler and Toilet Cleaner- an acid based toilet cleaner for removal of limescale
  • Glass cleaner- This is used on all glass areas in your home for a sparkling, streak- free finish
  • Floor cleaner- a dedicated cleaner for use on floors to leave a clean surface and high shine on polished floors


Jewel Cleaning can continue to work inside people’s homes with latest Government guidelines as we are a COVID safe company. Thank you for you continued support

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